Are you looking to gain a competitive advantage in the natural or organic search results? Well, “If you’re not on the first page you’re not in business.” Many business owners today have never experienced top results from the search engines for very competitive search terms relative to their products or services offered. You see reports have shown that the PPC or paid results get as much as 10% of search traffic.

We have provided an Image of Search Results so you can see.



The Organic results are what some call the Natural or free results. These are reserved for the best website based on Google’s Algorithms. There have been as many as 2007 different algorithms identified in the past that make it very hard to gain first position and keep it. All requirements change to keep the cheaters off the top. We have seen a lot of nice websites that are ranking well, disappear never to be seen again.

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See what’s working for your competition and why they are taking the business from you. It’s simple everyday your website isn’t found for tons of keywords you’re losing 1000’s of dollars. This is a fact!

Web Domination started in 2007 when I personally ran a SEO Company in Florida. We had originated close to 500 website clients on an automated CMS system that we could update and keep current. I was the director of client services. Coming from VP of sales I knew both sides of the business from the prospective client’s point of view to providing solutions for website that needed better conversion and rankings in organic search results. With that being said there isn’t any one person in the Mid-West with the same vast amount of industry experience based on volume.

If your Website SEO didn’t let you see their top results for their clients, you have been taken. It’s just that simple. Most companies have used 3-5 SEO contractors or marketing companies and they have received less than great results. I hear it all day long. What can I do to change this issue for you? I will explain in 30 minutes why we are going to dominate search results in 6-8 weeks with your website.

Ask us when we will be featured at a trade show or convention near you. We do training workshops on Internet Marketing and take pride in the relationships we have. All client information is held private and we never promote more than one client per industry per area of service.

If you want to take your business to the next level and need to work with the best I’m here to take your call.