SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the art of Marketing that involves getting a website ranking in Search results for a keyword relative to a product or service. This includes SEO-Search Engine Optimization, PPC-Paid Search Marketing, Local Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Video Marketing. When you are able to see results at or near the top of search results for your business or website this is a good sign your Search Marketing is working.

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There are many search providers that offer a form of paid search opportunities for websites. There is one that stands out among the group dominating with as much as 75% of all search traffic we refer to as the big “G”. All of our clients rank there website on all major search engines for tons of keywords and phrases. When your website is technically correct and has been properly optimized for search terms relative to your products or services, you will see the benefit of the search traffic. Most top performing website clients say it reminds them of what the yellow book brought them 20 years ago with the first page full color ads.
Dominating Search Marketing results is exactly what we do and have been doing since 2007 with over 500 website clients finding their nest egg in search results. “If you’re not on the first page you’re not in business.”
In a perfect world your company website would have the combination of a successful PPC campaign, Quality SEO performing at its best with top keywords ranking for free traffic, Results in Local Search, Social Media Marketing and a vast Video Marketing Library. Web Domination will give you this combination.