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An eCommerce website search engine optimization can be a problem for even the most experienced SEO expert. For some reason the search engines don’t favor any type of eCommerce site, making it very hard to get a good ranking. The reasoning for this is because a lot of these sites don’t possess the useful quality content that search engines look for.

These types of sites also have a poor link structure and not a lot of effort is put into making them SEO friendly, like adding back linking. Here we will offer you some tips for anyone that does want to try to rank an eCommerce site.

The first thing you want to know is to avoid the manufacturer descriptions of products on your site. If you rewrite the description and add a few keywords in it related to your site, it will be a huge help to you. Somewhere In your product database you should create an SEO field that you can edit as needed. This can be done the same way as you would set up a product’s quantity and price. Here you can keep recorded page rankings for future use anytime you might need to audit your site.

When you are optimizing your pages you should pay close attention to only rank a single key word for each page. Also make sure all of the URL’s for your products have a keyword tied to them. Arrange all of your pages so that they can all be viewed very easily. Also make sure that your visitors can see your product catalog easily and that all of your pages are very well organized. This will help to develop a good site map.

When you categorize your site by using unique Meta tag descriptions, Meta tags, and Title tags, you are setting up your site search engine for success. Getting your content on an eCommerce site is a tough sell, so your product reviews will always give you unique and fresh content to the site. Make your product reviews strong so they will generate the content you need to be SEO friendly for a higher site ranking.

Another way to get the full benefits of SEO on an eCommerce site is to create some RSS feeds for the site. The Google base has been known in the past to allow submissions of XML files that contain your product feeds. Usually these are shown in your Google base results. If there is any type of content you think may be duplicate, you can make use of iframes for them.

When naming your file names always be sure to use the appropriate keywords in them. And always be sure to commit the mistake of keyword stuffing on an eCommerce site. During your process of search engine optimization be very careful not to make this mistake. It’s easy to do so you’ll want to pay very close attention.

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