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The most important part of search engine optimization is the use of keywords. Because of this you will always want to know how strong your keywords are. Always look at your competition to see what they are using, and always think ahead for your current keywords or what might be a great one in the not too distance future. Using keywords can be thought of as like gold mining. Keep searching for that right one and when you find it you will be rewarded with high rankings. Now this may sound like an easy task for you but it’s actually a good challenge. The technicalities and dynamics involved will require you to use some reliable tools.

Your keyword usage results will depend on your own personal skills as well as the tools that you use. Your personal skills will take time to get a good grasp on so have patience. First of all you need to decide if you are going to be promoting your website through regular search engine ranking or by going the pay per click route. A must have is the Google Keyword tool. This is a no brainer as it is designed for the sole purpose of keyword research. It can help you estimate the amount of traffic you might see by using certain keywords. If you decide to go with Google AdWords to promote your business, you will want to take full advantage of the Google Keyword tool for sure. This is the best tool you can have at your disposal when setting up an AdWords campaign.

No matter what your plan is for marketing, you will want to use at least some kind of free keyword tool. They will give you a great start in learning how your keywords may do for you, and they will save you money on other useless, sometimes costly software. If you have the available budget there are several good keyword research tools that you can buy. But this is not a requirement because there are a lot of free versions available to you and they can do some great things for you. A keyword tool will help you come up with a good SEO strategy as well. Traffic Travis is one of the better tools that you can get to help lay out a strong search engine optimization strategy. This will give you an idea of how hard it will be to rank certain keywords. Thus preparing you for the amount of effort you might need to put in to raise the results of certain keywords.

One free keyword tool that can be used is called Wordtracker. There is also a paid version of this program. The problem with this however is that the free version is unreliable. And it only brings back 30 results per query. You will need more than this in order to accurately gauge your results. Yahoo search engine also has a guide to keyword research. This is pretty similar to the Google “suggest” option that is available in the Google keyword tool.

On the paid side of things there are a great number of programs that are available as well. In terms of analysis and research these paid tools have a very high efficiency rate. They are updated frequently with improvements so you will know they will always be useful tools for you. A few that you might look into would be Spyfu, Market Samurai, Keyword Expert, and Keyword Elite. They all have pretty much the same basics but each has its own little variations. It’s not a bad thought process to think that these paid tools should have the same effectiveness as the Google Keyword tool.

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