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Web design is the process of building a website. A well done website will contain several contents online such as applications and documents. As a whole the entire website design process is made up of different factors. One is to figure out a strong work plan so you can be efficient in your work. It also includes media control, production, advertising, and complete research of content.

A completed website will have several different segments. Any type of designer worth his weight in salt will have a homepage on the website. It’s an essential part of the site. This is where your objective and highlights are found and usually updated on a regular basis, if not a daily basis. In this section is where your main hyperlinks are as well. Hyperlinks are essential to bring your visitors to different parts of your website for further information.

Web design started back in the early 90’s when the internet exploded. The tools and process that were used back then are much different from what is normal practice today. Many things have changed and evolved over time, leading to far superior sites available currently. But with that being said, the main ground works was laid way back then in the early 90’s and many of those processes are still implemented by today’s experts.

On the other hand there are many tools and practices from back then that have disappeared over the years. A great example is that some of the first web designers around favored a small font on websites. This way they could fit more content and information on a page. But that has fallen out of favor as the larger font is now the common practice. It provides a much more comfortable and easier read for your visitors. When a potential client visits your website and can not clearly and easily read your content, chances are very high they may leave and not come back. You do not want this to happen because a lost visitor can be the same as one or several lost sales for your business.

The color concept of websites has changed drastically over the years as well. No longer should websites have several different color schemes and contrasts throughout the different pages of their site. Using several different colors on a single website can give the site a very confusing and unprofessional look. Your visitors may focus on that and miss out of some important information that you want them to know. A few simple colors will give your site a beautiful and professional look to your visitors. Plus it will be much easier on the eyes and your visitors will stay and look around longer. You will also want to choose a color scheme that matches what you are doing on your site. This will lead to visitors knowing right away what you site is about and what you have to offer them.

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