The Do’s and Don’ts of Web Design – A Simplified Note

When you develop the website for your business it’s vital for you to seek out the experts who know the do’s and don’ts of web design. If you plan to do it yourself you need to make sure you research enough information so you are ready to build a professional and interactive site. This is the front door of your business online and when you promote it you want your customers to not only window shop, you want them to click on it and come on in.

One thing you’ll want to stay away from is using PDF files on your site. They are not on the list of popular browsers. A PDF file usually takes longer to load, interrupts the continuity of the page, sometimes needs to actually be saved before viewing, and in most cases the font size is extremely small. In some cases the font can be extremely large, thus causing the same issues. The reasoning for this is usually PDF files have a standard layout that doesn’t correspond with the browser the user is looking at your site with.

When a PDF file is used for browsing the user will not be able to quickly understand the information that is being presented. The way PDF’s are laid out, on most occasions, it presents far too much content for the user to quickly grasp and they will give up and move on. What PDF files are usually good for are manuals and other large files and they are great for printing. From a straight browsing standpoint however it just takes too long for the user to get your information and they may leave your site altogether.

You will also want to choose an attractive and interesting background for your site. This alone can keep users coming back. Never use a background with text. Always keep away from this type of background. To the user it’s boring and sometimes can be confusing with the main content of the page. It also limits interaction which makes it hard for the users to really gain any interest in going further into your site. This will affect your site traffic, thus affecting the potential to make sales.

Always use bullet lists, subheadings and keywords on your site. This will make it more interesting and interactive to your customers. Using the keywords will give you a high placement on search engines so your customers can find you easier. This will lead to more site traffic which in turn will lead to more sales and profit. You will find that if you avoid the key points made here today, when you build your website you will see great results. Not doing so could lead to unfavorable results. Remember though, as stated previously, it is always recommended to seek out the professionals to get the job done right for you.

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